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Rhum Agricole

Kanok Premium Rum
Kanok Premium Rhum Agricole - It’s a French style rum. A rum is made from any part of the sugar cane whether it be the cane juice, molasses or even sugar (treacle). The French style rums are made of only the sugar cane juice with no molasses or sugar added in the process.
It’s the purest form of rum. Fresh cane juice is pressed on site, fermented for around 3-4 days and then distilled.
We have a small window of opportunity here, 6 hours to be exact, from pressing to pitching the yeast. Cane juice is filled with bacteria, which adds to a lot of the flavour and aroma, but we must get our bacteria (yeast) in first!
We then hold thumbs. Its an unpredictable juice and requires a lot of attention. The fermentation is the foundation of the spirit and needs to be monitored like a hawk.
We will then do a stripping run, where we distill the alcohol off the fermented mash. Kanok rum is distilled a second time in our copper potstill, Big Betty, through fractional distillation. Fractional distillation, means we take off a certain quantity at a time, to keep an eye on the flavours and aromas before we decide which fractions to blend for aging.
Pure South African Gold Rum from farm to glass.
Kanok - is of Thai origin and means design or pattern. Sugar cane is planted in a specific pattern for optimum use of earth, wind, moisture and air.
Our process also follows a specific design for optimum flavour of the cane juice.
With only 100 bottles released to the public, it genuinely is something special, where the spirit’s tastes and aromas will not be replicated again.
That is exactly what we love about our process. Truly handcrafted.
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Our Rhums in this range

Kanok Rhum KR1

Batch: KR1 Single Barrel

ABV: 48.8%

Distilled: 2020

Bottled: 2022 (100 bottles)

Aging: 15 months in ex-bourbon barrel

Cane origin: Hartebeespoort & Malelane

Process: Doubled distilled in copper potstills

Kanok Rhum EXP1


Batch: EXP1

ABV: 43%

Distilled: 2020

Bottled: 2022

Aging: 18 months on both American and French oak and then blended

Cane origin: Hartebeespoort & Malelane

Process: Double distilled in copper potstills