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See the legs : Part 2 of our Sense Series

Not the label but the legs. That's right. Liquor has legs. What legs you say? Well when you swirl the liquor, whether is be wine or spirit, in the glass, the 'legs' or 'tears' start forming on the side of the glass.  What does this mean? As spirits have a higher viscosity than water, heavier, slower moving legs indicate a higher ABV. Wine's 'legs', when swirled, move a lot quicker as it has a lower ABV than spirits.  Why are these 'legs' important? Legs are very important as they move you through life, but the legs of the spirit also have a journey. These legs can show the old age of the spirit - should it be a matured spirit, the...

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The Wonderful World of Gin!

Most likely one of the world's most versatile spirits, gin has most certainly taken the world by storm. Some prefer theirs dry, others pink and most in cocktails. Gin has created its own category as that of the celebratory drink, the wind-down drink, the 'I need a gin' drink and the 'Instagram-able' drink. From a spirit that was born in the 11th century to what is is today, it's safe to say, it has made a mark. 

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Taste with your nose : Part 1 of our Senses Series

The fresh waft of the sea breeze at the coast, or the buttery dough from the bakery, our nose is our leader. We do not have to see the product, food or drink to smell what it will most likely taste like. We can identify something that is off, or something that makes us want more. And when it's blocked, life is mundane and grey.  The nose. Our kingpin sense. It may seem obvious that our nose plays such a vital role when it comes to our experience of life, however it does carry more elusive characteristics.  What we sometimes believe something smells like is not actually what it smells like. Let's take lavender for example. What does that smell...

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Join for some bespoke and unusual offerings at our distillery. Casual and relaxed, but space is limited, so should you want to book a spot, you can contact us here. Our famous snack platters will also be available for bookings. Coffee and Hot Chocolate available too. We look forward to hosting you!  

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