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What is a Rhum Agricole?

Yes you read that right. Rhum Agricole is a type of Rum. But you need to say it with a French accent. Why? Because it is a French style rum distilled from sugar can juice in the French Caribbean islands.

So lets get back to basics. A rum is a distilled or produced spirit from any part of sugar cane. That can be the freshly pressed sugar cane juice (Rhum Agricole), the molasses (sugar cane by-product) or even the sugar itself (treacle). 

The reason its called a Rhum Agricole is because it is made solely by fermenting and distilling the agricultural product of pressed sugar cane juice. This juice has not undergone any further treatment or processing and is considered the most pure of the rums.  

This fresh sugar cane juice was specifically pressed for us, I even pressed some myself. 

It carries a lot of character but is much more delicate than a molasses or sugar based rum. Our rum has been double distilled in an authentic copper potstill, blended the cuts and then rested. 

We spent a large part of 2020 experimenting with it and, as they say; practice makes perfect, we have finally distilled a spirit worthy of a barrel. We have our first batch of Rhum aging in a 50litre cask. When will it be ready? When I say so :) We'd love to keep it in the barrel for as long as possible but we do have a waiting list for this bottling and our clients are already asking when they can have some. 

Keen to see what all the fuss is about? You can contact us to book a tasting

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