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About Us

Who we are

Kelly. She is our head distiller, cleaner, taster, dancer and gardener. She loves music and adventure- seems a good fit for this industry! 

Ross. He is our head coffee maker, cleaner of tanks, carrier of heavy stuff and chief knot-tyer when necessary. Many times he is the voice if reason and always brings super smiles into the distillery

Our Values

Authenticity- we are real, do real things

Learning- always room for improvement

Honesty- we're fans of cutting through the clutter and giving you the real story! We believe that integrity forms the basis of our brand and take it into consideration for our triple bottom line.

Fun- for what else then?

Customers- such a privilege to have people taste, drink and enjoy what we have created and we will work relentlessly to ensure this for all time! 

The Capital Gin Process

Step number 1: Wash hands. Seems silly but as we ferment our own base neutral we have to make sure ourselves and our instruments are clean and sanitized.  We source grains from local farmers which we cook, ferment and the distill. 

This distillation takes place twice. The 3rd distillation is done in a copper potstil where we distill our gins with their botanicals using vapour infusion. 

Once we have collected our required 'hearts' from that run it then rests for a few days. From there we dilute down to 43% alcohol using spring water. It rests again and then its ready to bottle, label, sign, wax and kiss. 

That's it! We pride ourselves on not having any additives, clarifiers, purifiers, etc to our gins. What you see, smell and drink comes straight from the pots. We do not even filter our product. Just some pure, clean gin!

Last step: Cheers!