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Five Delicious Food Pairing Options with the Alchemist

It is no secret that we like food just as much as we like our gin. But what if we combine the two?Today we will be looking at our favourite foods to pair with our first-born gin, the Alchemist. With its spicy flavour and citrus notes, this baby will compliment a variety of dishes. It’s a no-brainer that all of our gins pair well with chocolate (check out our chocolate bon-bon pairing experience at the distillery), but it also goes well with dishes like seafood, curries and other sweet things. Impress your next mealtime guests with some of these delicious meal suggestions.As we are experiencing autumn at the moment, and with some days still quite warm, our first meal suggestion,...

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Oranges & why they are so a-peeling!

Navel, Clementine, Blood, Seville, Tangerine, Mandarin… These are just a few fruits belonging to the orange family. Did you know that an orange can technically be defined as a berry? The most common oranges to us here in South Africa are the navel and valencia varieties, with the latter being produced and exported in volumes more than double that of navel oranges.Navel oranges are seedless and derive its name from the second tiny fruit growing at the orange’s base which looks like a human belly button. Valencia oranges on the other hand has a thinner skin and are a little sweeter than navel oranges. All oranges are non-climacteric, meaning that they have to ripen and develop their colour and flavour...

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The Hot Debate - Spirits and Calories

Did you know that alcohol contains 7 calories per gram which is almost the same as a gram of pure fat? This means that spirits, a high alcoholic liquid, are high in calories too. But does this mean that you should cut out alcohol to maintain a healthy, low-calorie diet? Not necessarily.Alcohol is produced by the fermentation and/or distillation process of natural starch and sugar. And the alcohol content of your drink depends on what type of drink it is. A shot (25ml) of spirits typically contains 50-60 calories. Especially clear spirits like gin and vodka. While it seems low in calories, we shouldn’t forget the mixers we usually add to our drinks. In this case it would most likely...

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Get into the spirit this week!

The gin spirit that is. So while you sit back and sip on your "dutch courage", have you ever wondered why it's even called that? In fact, have you ever wondered about what you don't know about this "lekker" liquor?Well so have we. Other than already knowing how to perfect the production of gin and the wonderful taste of it (which you are more than welcome to come taste at the distillery), we've dug up some fun gin knowledge and trivia.As you most likely already know, gin is mostly associated with British culture. But did you know it's also catching notoriety in Spain and other parts of the world? South Africans has a very healthy thirst for this spirit, even...

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Lemongrass: It's Simply the 'Zest'!

As a great alternative to lemon zest (if not better), this spring-onion-lookalike herb packs a punch in a unique, sweet lemon aroma and flavour when its stalk is cut or bashed. Also known as "sweet rush", lemongrass is native to the tropical regions of Asia and can be grown relatively easy at home anytime of the year. Defined by it's grey-green leaves, it makes a beautiful shrub-like plant in a container.As for it's many culinary uses, adding this botanical to cocktails is our favourite. Lemongrass can be used, whole, sliced or made into a paste or syrup. To use it in your drink, slice up the stem (only use the bottom 7-8cm after the dry layers have been peeled and...

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