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Five Delicious Food Pairing Options with the Alchemist

It is no secret that we like food just as much as we like our gin. But what if we combine the two?

Today we will be looking at our favourite foods to pair with our first-born gin, the Alchemist. With its spicy flavour and citrus notes, this baby will compliment a variety of dishes. It’s a no-brainer that all of our gins pair well with chocolate (check out our chocolate bon-bon pairing experience at the distillery), but it also goes well with dishes like seafood, curries and other sweet things. Impress your next mealtime guests with some of these delicious meal suggestions.

As we are experiencing autumn at the moment, and with some days still quite warm, our first meal suggestion, to go with the Alchemist gin, would be a lovely citrus salad. It’s quick, it’s juicy and filled with vitamin C. Slice up a few citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits or even some “naartjies”. Combine them with your favourite salad ingredients like rocket and avocado. You can also add some pomegranate, nuts and mint leaves, and if you’re feeling up to it you can spice it up with a little bit of chili. Top it off with a lemon salad dressing and then you have yourself a delicious lunch to go with your afternoon g&t.

Salad not really your thing? Well then you can’t go wrong with a creamy bowl of butter chicken. With many options available on how to get this delicious meal, it’s fairly easy to cook it yourself too. You can buy cook-in sauces, ready-made spice mixes, make it from scratch or if you’re really not up for doing the work, you can just order in and call it a day. None of your dinner guests will be disappointed. Even if it’s just for yourself :-)

Another great option for a spicy dinner would be some ginger prawns. A fantastic choice for all seafood lovers! The spices used in this dish will really highlight the dominant notes of the Alchemist. It’s a quick dish to wok up! A quick internet search will provide you lots of recipes, but basically you stir fry your prawns with fresh ginger and garlic along with some onion and herbs and serve it up with cooked rice.

Does your afternoon high tea need a little oomph? Why not serve up a “high g&t” instead next time you bring out the cucumber sandwiches. With whipped cream cheese and avocado, this traditional afternoon snack will elevate your mood and leave you refreshed along with your gin cocktail.

And finally for the “sweet teeth”, mango sorbet is your way to man-go! While mango sometimes gets overlooked as a garnish for your gin cocktail (which is fantastic by the way), it also makes a fantastic food companion for the Alchemist gin. This sorbet is very simple to make. Just pop some frozen mango in a blender with a squirt of lemon juice and sweeten it up to your liking with a maple or simple syrup. It’s like instant dessert!

These are just a few food suggestions to pair well with the Alchemist gin. If you do make any of these, snap some photos of you with your cocktail and grub and tag us on social media. Happy cooking!

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