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The Hot Debate - Spirits and Calories

Did you know that alcohol contains 7 calories per gram which is almost the same as a gram of pure fat? This means that spirits, a high alcoholic liquid, are high in calories too. But does this mean that you should cut out alcohol to maintain a healthy, low-calorie diet? Not necessarily.

Alcohol is produced by the fermentation and/or distillation process of natural starch and sugar. And the alcohol content of your drink depends on what type of drink it is. A shot (25ml) of spirits typically contains 50-60 calories. Especially clear spirits like gin and vodka. While it seems low in calories, we shouldn’t forget the mixers we usually add to our drinks. In this case it would most likely be our beloved tonic. Tonic, like many other soft drinks, is made with high-fructose corn syrup. It is what gives our G&T its sweetness (and also bumps up the calorie count).

While this all may be true, studies have also shown that drinking gin can be beneficial when you are trying to lose a bit of weight. They have found that gin boosts your body’s ability to burn calories an hour after consuming it. The juniper berries, considered a “superfood” by many, contain antioxidants that help speed up your metabolism, which is why drinking gin before a meal can really help with digestion. Gin also doesn't have any carbohydrates in it which makes it a suitable option for people with blood sugar issues. However, watch those mixers! And please always consult your doctor :-)

It’s easy to overconsume this delicious drink, especially when surrounded by friends and family celebrating an occasion. If you are conscious about your calorie intake, you know that this can have an effect on your waistline. To still enjoy your cocktail and not worry about the calories too much, you can always replace your tonic with a low-calorie option like sugar-free tonic or soda water. Add some extra flavour to it with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice and you are good to go.

So is spirit consumption like gin high in calories or not? The answer is it depends on what you mix it with. The bottom line is to drink in moderation. This way you can still get the benefits from your gin juniper berries, as well as keep your calorie intake on the lower side even if you prefer the “real deal” tonic.

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