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Get into the spirit this week!

The gin spirit that is. So while you sit back and sip on your "dutch courage", have you ever wondered why it's even called that? In fact, have you ever wondered about what you don't know about this "lekker" liquor?Well so have we. Other than already knowing how to perfect the production of gin and the wonderful taste of it (which you are more than welcome to come taste at the distillery), we've dug up some fun gin knowledge and trivia.As you most likely already know, gin is mostly associated with British culture. But did you know it's also catching notoriety in Spain and other parts of the world? South Africans has a very healthy thirst for this spirit, even...

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Break all the rules and taste it neat... first!

On numerous occasions we have guests who come in to a tasting and when I say the words; 'I would like to encourage you to taste it neat', the look on their faces scares me too. Look, it's not like you go to a bar and ask for a shot of neat gin. It's usually tequila, Jager, or vodka. Now she's asking me to taste it neat?!  There is method to my madness. I had a gentleman in the distillery who told me he had never tasted brandy neat, yet is a brandy drinker. How does he drink his brandy then? Of course a few blocks of ice and Cola, or diet Cola. So when I asked him what he...

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