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Oranges & why they are so a-peeling!

Navel, Clementine, Blood, Seville, Tangerine, Mandarin… These are just a few fruits belonging to the orange family. Did you know that an orange can technically be defined as a berry? The most common oranges to us here in South Africa are the navel and valencia varieties, with the latter being produced and exported in volumes more than double that of navel oranges.Navel oranges are seedless and derive its name from the second tiny fruit growing at the orange’s base which looks like a human belly button. Valencia oranges on the other hand has a thinner skin and are a little sweeter than navel oranges. All oranges are non-climacteric, meaning that they have to ripen and develop their colour and flavour...

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Lemongrass: It's Simply the 'Zest'!

As a great alternative to lemon zest (if not better), this spring-onion-lookalike herb packs a punch in a unique, sweet lemon aroma and flavour when its stalk is cut or bashed. Also known as "sweet rush", lemongrass is native to the tropical regions of Asia and can be grown relatively easy at home anytime of the year. Defined by it's grey-green leaves, it makes a beautiful shrub-like plant in a container.As for it's many culinary uses, adding this botanical to cocktails is our favourite. Lemongrass can be used, whole, sliced or made into a paste or syrup. To use it in your drink, slice up the stem (only use the bottom 7-8cm after the dry layers have been peeled and...

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WhiskyBrother&Co Exclusive Release Gin

Last year we were asked to experiment with some recipes for an exclusive release gin. The brief was it needs to be predominantly citrus in flavour and aroma and have an ABV of 57%... Navy Strength! So I thought this would be a great opportunity to explain how we would go about this. Not as easy as you would think. At a higher (57%) ABV, the botanicals and their respective ratios we use, would need to be robust enough to shine through regardless of the spirit strength. Of course in our distillery Juniper takes center stage, with coriander and green cardamom not far behind. I created 9 recipes. As the brief was that it needs to be citrus forward, I macerated 6 of the recipes for 48hrs...

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