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See the legs : Part 2 of our Sense Series

Not the label but the legs. That's right. Liquor has legs. What legs you say? Well when you swirl the liquor, whether is be wine or spirit, in the glass, the 'legs' or 'tears' start forming on the side of the glass. 

Liquor legs

What does this mean? As spirits have a higher viscosity than water, heavier, slower moving legs indicate a higher ABV. Wine's 'legs', when swirled, move a lot quicker as it has a lower ABV than spirits. 

Why are these 'legs' important? Legs are very important as they move you through life, but the legs of the spirit also have a journey. These legs can show the old age of the spirit - should it be a matured spirit, the older the spirit the longer it will take the legs to run down into the bowl of the glass. 

For un-aged spirits such as gin, rum and vodka, this too can show the ABV of the spirit, and most importantly the oil compounds. The more oils there are in the spirit, the longer the legs will take to run back down into the bowl of the glass. 

Real gin distilled with real botanicals do contain essential oils from those botanicals and the same is true for aged/matured spirits as there are oil compounds in the wood that's used to age it. 

We're all about the 'legs' here at the distillery, are you?

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